We're adding delicious twists to some of out diner classics, transforming them into colossally awesome dishes. We're putting a twist on our classic French Toast by making it with banana bread and spicing things up with the Sriracha Spicy Super Chick'n sandwich.  We're also bringing back some classics like the Double Berry Slam and our caramel flavoured coffees, and introducing the new Tropical Pancake Puppies.

    Our two new coffee roasts are smooth, full-bodied, and, well, the best coffee we’ve ever served. It just may be the best diner coffee you’ve ever had.

    How’d we do it? We searched high
    and low for the best beans. Then we sipped and tweaked and sipped and tweaked some more, until one day we
    knew we had it.

    Just $2.69 today, come on in for a cup or two.

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