On February 25th, 2015, each of the 67 Denny's Restaurants across Canada will rally together in support of Pink Shirt Day to raise awareness against bullying. Com in to any of our restaurants wearing a pink shirt and get a free order of pancake puppies, and take a stand against bullying.


    From February 16-25, all restaurants will be selling pink shirt cut-outs for $1 along with supplying donation boxes at all of the hostess' stands. Funds raised in British Columbia restaurants will be donated to the CKNW Orphans' Fund, and the money raised at the rest of the restaurants across Canada will be donated to Corus Feeds Kids.

    Take your taste buds on a sizzling trip across North America that only Denny's could cook up.

    Here at Denny’s Canada, we want to say thanks to those who have been with us the longest! Come in on any Thursday from 2pm-10pm and receive 15% off of our entire menu*. Please don’t be offended if we ask for valid picture ID to verify your age; it just means that you look a lot younger than 55!

    *Not valid for items on Jr Menu or alcohol