Accessibility Information Page

From our restaurants to our website and mobile application, Denny’s is committed to accessibility in every sense of the word. This commitment to inclusion is fundamental to our core value of “Guests First.” Our guests are the reason we do what we do. We love feeding people—whether it’s good food for the body or good food for the mind, we are constantly striving to bring Denny’s to as many guests as we can. In our ongoing efforts to ensure those with visual impairments that all our customers are able to access and use our website, Denny’s is dedicated to improving accessibility in the following ways.

Website Accessibility

We make every effort to provide a website in which all functionality and content is accessible to all individuals, and we are updating our site regularly to make it as accessible as possible. This website is designed to meet Level AA Success Criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 to the greatest extent possible.

We make reasonable efforts to ensure that PDF files on the website are accessible, with proper layouts and tagging for screen readers.

Website users can control the text size of each page with their Internet browser. On a PC, holding the CTRL key while pressing the plus key will increase text size, and holding the CTRL key while pressing the minus key will decrease text size. On a Mac, holding the command key while pressing the plus key will increase text size, and holding the command key while pressing the minus key will decrease text size.

Photographic images, graphics and videos on contain “alt tags” that allow users with screen readers to listen to a description of the image and/or graphic, which assists in understanding the intent of visual content.

Row and column header for data tables, as well as form fields, are labeled.

Using a Screen Reader

We recommend using the most up-to-date version possible of any assistive technology and web browser products, either the current major release or the prior release. This will help ensure that we can deliver dynamic, full-featured web content that is as compatible as possible with the latest assistive technology.

For best results, we suggest using the following web browsers and assistive technology products:

  • For PC: NVDA via Chrome
  • For Mac: VoiceOver via Safari
  • For iOS Devices: iOS Version 9.0
  • For Android Devices: Android Version 6.0

Denny’s Mobile Application Accessibility

While the ADA has yet to establish official guidelines pertaining to mobile applications, the Denny’s Mobile App is compliant with the majority of accessibility features available on modern devices’ for both iOS and Android operating systems:

  • Voiceover: Using specific gestures, the device is able to read aloud all app content as well as navigation and links.
  • Color Adjustment: The app’s colors change as the user optimizes the device for their vision.
  • Magnification Gestures: The app responds to specific gestures that allow the user to magnify content.
  • Font Size Adjustments: App text is altered to match the user’s chosen font size (available on Android only).

Contact Us for Assistance

Via Phone: 1-800-733-6697
Via Email: Denny's Customer Service Email