MyDenny’s Rewards FAQs



Why is Denny’s transitioning loyalty programs?

  • We are transitioning the backend of the loyalty program to allow you to pay, earn and redeem directly at the table from your smartphone. This is also in an effort to create a contactless payment experience. If you have existing MyDenny’s points, these points will be made available  to you.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

  • If you don’t have a smartphone, we have a solution. Your server will provide you with a business card with instructions on how you can still collect your points. In short, you’ll be asked to email your receipt and some additional info to, who will add your earned points to your account. 

How do I view my points?

  • To view your MyDenny’s Points, please visit, and sign into your xDine account. Remember to sign-in using the same email address you used with MyDenny’s Reward app. Alternatively, you can view your points at the restaurant by scanning the xDine tableside payment QR code.

Is the old MyDenny’s Rewards APP and Website still active? 

  • The existing MyDenny’s Reward app and website is no longer active. In order to make an effective transition from the old platform to the new xDine platform, we deactivated the old platform.  Your points have been transferred over to the new xDine platform.

I am an existing MyDenny’s Reward member, how does this affect me?

  • Existing MyDenny’s Reward members have had their points made available to them in the new MyDenny’s program on xDine. If you do not have an existing xDine account, you will need to create one to access your MyDenny’s points. Create your new MyDenny’s Reward account through xDine using the email that you used on your old MyDenny’s Reward sign-in page.

Do I need to download a new app on my phone? 

  • You are NOT required to download a new app on your phone. The new MyDenny’s Rewards program will accessible through, or any web browser on your smartphone via a QR code at the restaurant.

What is the new MyDenny’s Rewards? 

  • MyDenny’s Rewards is a customer loyalty program through Denny’s Canada. Denny’s Canada has partnered with xDine and its platform to allow you to pay, earn and redeem points directly from your smartphone through tableside payment.

How do I become a MyDenny’s Rewards member? 

  • Scan a QR code when you are at the restaurant and follow the prompts.  You can sign up for MyDenny’s Rewards by creating an xDine account online at

I have an existing MyDenny’s account, however, I wasn’t notified of the change. What do I do now?

  • Please reach out to, and we’ll provide you with the next steps.



How do I access my points on the new MyDenny’s Rewards program?

  • The new MyDenny’s Rewards will be hosted on the xDine platform. You can view and access your points at, as well at the restaurant by scanning the xDine tableside payment QR code.
  • Next time you’re dining at any of our restaurants, scan the QR code on your table and pay your bill using xDine tableside payment. xDine will show you how many points you have, and how many points you will earn with your purchase.

How do I earn and redeem MyDenny’s Rewards points? 

  • To earn and redeem MyDenny’s Rewards points, you must use your mobile device. You must be logged in to your account and scan the QR code to pay via xDine tableside payment while in the restaurant.
    • You will earn points based on the amount paid
    • You can use your points as cash value on future tableside payment transactions in the restaurant

What steps do I take to redeem MyDenny’s Reward points? 

  • To redeem your MyDenny’s Reward points, at the end of your meal:
    • Scan the QR code on your table (use your camera app on your smartphone). This will open the MyDenny’s xDine tableside payment site
    • Sign-in or Register your account
    • Select the “Use Rewards” button to apply points to your bill
    • Points will be applied. The remaining balance can be paid using your credit card linked to your account. See below for steps on how to add your credit card

How do I earn points, and what is the value of each MyDenny’s Rewards points? 

  • You earn points when dining at Denny’s restaurants and utilize the xDine contactless payment option.
  • MyDenny’s Rewards will allow you to earn and redeem points:
    • Earn 5 points per $1.00 spent
    • Redeem 1 point for 1 cent (i.e. 100 points x $0.01 = $1.00 redeemable value)

Can I collect points on orders placed on

  • No, at this point in time, the only way to collect points is though xDine tableside payment in the restaurant. We are working on future updates that will allow you to earn and redeem points placed on online ordering.

How do I know how many points I will earn on my order?

  • At check out, scan the QR code on your table and pay your bill using xDine tableside payment. xDine will show you how many points you will earn on your order.

Can I redeem points earned in the same transaction?

  • No, you can’t redeem points earned in the same transaction. You can apply previous points to your current bill and you can redeem current earned points for future transactions. 

Am I only able to use my MyDenny’s Rewards points at the restaurant for dine-in?

  • At this point, you are only able to earn and redeem MyDenny’s Rewards points when at the restaurant using xDine tableside payment. We plan on expanding the offerings in the future.

Will my MyDenny’s Rewards Points expire?

  • Your points will not expire through December 30, 2022. As of December 31, 2022, to retain your accumulated MyDenny’s Rewards points, you must have completed at least one qualifying activity within the previous 18 months. Qualifying activity is defined as a member having earned or redeemed eligible points.

Can I still collect old MyDenny’s Rewards points?

  • Unfortunately, not. This is a new program; however, all your points have been made available on the new MyDenny’s Rewards on xDine. Please remember to sign into xDine using the same email used on your pervious MyDenny’s account.  If you don’t see your points, please email

Can I cash out my points?

  • Points cannot be cashed out or redeemed for actual currency dollars.  Points must be redeemed as cash value using your xDine account during the payment of your bill in the restaurant. 

Can I transfer my points to another person?

  • Not at this time.

Where are my MyDenny’s Rewards points valid?

  • MyDenny’s Rewards are valid at Denny’s Canada participating locations.

Can I earn points on Gift Cards purchased at the restaurant? 

  • Yes, points will be earned on Gift Card purchases. Please note, Gift Cards cannot be used as payment in xDine tableside payments. 

Can I use Gift Cards as payment through MyDenny’s xDine tableside payment?

  • No, at this time Gift Cards cannot be added to your xDine account. Therefore, you won’t be able to apply Gift Cards to your bill when paying through xDine.  You may use Gift Cards as traditional payment (ie: through your server), however, you won’t be able to earn points towards your MyDenny’s Rewards on xDine.



How do I add my Credit Card to MyDenny’s Rewards on xDine?

  • Once logged into your MyDenny’s Rewards on xDine:
    • Under Payment Method, select “Add Credit Card”
    • You can use VISA, MasterCard and AMEX
    • Enter your credit card details into the appropriate fields, and click “Add Card”
      • Your card will now be saved to your account, and you can now use xDine tableside payment

Are my Credit Card details secure?

  • Your Credit Card details are secure.  xDine uses the same payment framework as all other Eigen solutions. Eigen is fully compliant with PCI DSS v3.2 and validated as a Compliant Service Provider. As evidence, they are listed on both the Visa and MasterCard Compliant Service.

Do you accept Apple Pay and Google Pay?

  • Yes, xDine allows you to use Apple Pay and Google Pay at participating locations. Please ask your restaurant to confirm.

How do I update my contact information? 

  • You can update your contact information on your profile online by logging into your xDine account: 

What if I forgot my password?

  • You can reset your MyDenny’s Rewards password by clicking the “Forget your password” on Enter your email, and a password reset link will be sent to your email with instructions. If you don’t see the password reset email, please check your spam/junk folder. If you are still having issues, please email

Do I receive a membership card when I sign up for MyDenny’s Rewards?

  • No, you will not receive a physical membership card, MyDenny’s Rewards is all done through the xDine platform. You only need a smartphone or web browser to access your account. 

Does MyDenny’s Rewards membership cost anything? 

  • MyDenny’s Rewards is free to join. 

What if I have a question that’s not outlined above? 

  •  Please email us at: